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Welcome back to another edition of Everyone’s Favorite Newsletter*
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This little steer went to market

As mentioned in the previous newsletter Junior the steer (not my brother-in-law) went to the processor on the 15th of this month. He was ready to pick up on Friday and he came home a week later! We have so much beef, I feel bad for our collective cholesterol levels. If you see me in HEB buying a 6 pack of only red wine please ignore me. Also give me all your beef recipes please and thank you.

Our next steer will be going in around Thanksgiving. We are going to sell quarters so if you want one, please email us at and we will put you on the list. If you have questions about prices, etc please let us know.

Ask us (almost) anything:
A long time internet friend asked: How do you subscribe? Will there be Spring babies?
It’s easy to subscribe to our newsletter! There should be a link in the upper right hand corner or at the bottom of this newsletter. It’s free and easy.
Jezebel and Phlox are definitely pregnant. EG and I make an interesting team in trying to determine when a baby is due. He’s always like “any day now” and I’m usually “eh, she’s got time.” Guess I still have a little hippie in me. Nobody else is showing any signs of incubating new life.
Another internet friend asked: How do you decide on names? I feel like this would be the hardest part.
This is where having kids comes in handy. Each kid gets a turn (they are free to decline if they don’t want to name) but we get veto power. As noted in some previous newsletter we try to go for a theme-ish based on what their mom’s name is if they’re a girl and a cut of beef if it’s a boy. A few of our cows: Phlox, Plata, Cash Bonus, and Dabble (the bull) came to us with a name.
Internet friend: You should include a cocktail recipe every month!
I can’t guarantee every month but here’s a recipe for a peach martini that my mom and I love! It goes well with drinking outside on a sunny spring afternoon.
2oz vodka
1oz peach schnapps
2oz peach nectar
1oz fresh lime
Shake and serve!

A COMPLETE AND TOTAL STRANGER ASKED: Who cuts your grass. It looks beautiful
That’s about all he’s good for.

Interview with a mere child:
I thought it would be fun to interview Clayton (he’s 5) about his feelings about the farm.
- What is your favorite animal on the farm?
Dogs and cats (editors note: we have no cats)

- What is your favorite thing to do on the farm?
Hug animals.

- Is there any animal you wish we had?
A cat.

- Would you rather live on a farm or within 15 minutes of a Target store?
On a farm. (he is not my kid)

- Do you have any suggestions for people who want to live on a farm?
Yes. You have to feed the animals.

This month I played with the Colourpop x Raw Beauty Kristi (she’s a YouTuber) At Forest Sight palette. I really love these colors. It reminds me of nice fall tones and that greenish brown shimmer is amazing. Also, I swear I took 5 pics but can only find 4. Thanks for your understanding.

At this point I have gone through my palettes that I can do multiple interesting lewks with. In the interest of my budget and my wallet I think I might just do a product of the month feature where I talk about a skincare or makeup item I have been loving, new or not.

What’s up next month?
Hopefully some babies! Also some fence work repair, lots o’ beef, spring planting and anything else we can think of to fill our days.

Thank you so much for reading and subscribing and sharing! Come hang out with me in the comments section!