The Long Winter

Wow, it got cold. Bless it.

I’m starting to think that monthly might be too long between newsletters. So much has happened around here. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

Farm News:
We have a new calf! Born February 20 (we think, either evening of the 19th or morning of the 20th) Cash Bonus has had her 2nd calf on the farm. Tentative name is “Cash Back” and as of writing we’re about 90% sure it’s a girl. Gratuitous photo of mom and baby in the hay:

Secondly, we are going to be taking our first steer in for processing next month. Junior (offspring of Brownie) will go in early March. We are going to be keeping him for personal consumption but like if you wanna a little sample of some ground beef LMK and like any good drug dealer your first bit is free but after that it’s gonna cost you. Junior is the last of our so-called “Dex-flex” (Limousin/Angus flex mom with a Dexter dad).

Thirdly, we had a Major Weather Event (also known as Snowpocaplyse). We had ice, then snow, then ice, then more snow and now it’s back to regular weather. We were fortunate enough to not loose power but a pipe in the master bath burst so now I have to share a toilet with the children. Yay. But please enjoy these snow photos.

Questions for the picking
A long-time internet friend asked about tips for gardening.
I will be completely honest with you, we are bad at gardening. We can grow peas and okra with MASSIVE success (I still have 2018 peas in my deep freeze) but everything else we struggle with. I am a very good “inside plant” mom. I water them, they get sun, I transplant them into larger containers, I harden them appropriately. But once they are in the yard I completely forget they exist. I firmly believe plants are harder than kids to raise. For example, if you forget to feed kids, they cry.

A local friend asked: Will your cows have lewks?
They won’t stay still long enough for me to blend the eyeshadow. Whomp whomp whomp.

An internet friend asked: Do you sell quarter cow directly to the public?
Eventually, yes. We have sold a whole steer directly to someone (RIP Lazarus) and as mentioned will be processing our second steer. We have one more steer on the farm currently (T-bone). At this point we would want someone to buy a whole or half cow simply because we are not currently prepared for labeling.

You Have Died of Dysentery
An occasional series written by Audrey about whatever she feels like writing. Edited for clarity by me. Also if I disagree with what she wrote. Ain’t no free press here on the farm, ma’am.
The farm is pretty neat. You know it’s an ordinary farm, there are very few surprises. But last week came a pretty big surprise: it snowed. Usually I would be pretty happy and I was until the second day when our pipes froze and we didn’t have water for a while. My little brother and cousin wrecked the house, I called my friends and watched movies and cleaned my room. My big brother stayed in his room and did Lord knows what. My parents worked and wished the kids were at school. .The kids and I enjoyed the heck out of our break and played in the snow a few times and wished it wasn’t so cold. I could never live in a place where it snowed ALL the time for now I think I’m good with Texas (aMen and aWomen)

These are kinda old-ish but I recently purchased the Moon Spell palette from Lunar Beauty. If you’re not a super-cool-kid and into the beauty space it’s owned by Manny MUA who is a YouTube creator. The palette is full of purples and greens, right up my alley. It was released in October 2019. I had my eye on it for A While and I finally decided to make it mine.

And here are my 5 lewks! I absolutely love this eyeshadow formula. It’s not overly pigmented (more like a Colourpop formula v an ABH formula) and they blend like a dream. The purple shimmers can take a bit to build up but that doesn’t bother me.


Thanks for stopping by. Do you think this should be a bi-monthly newsletter? Let me know! Y’all are the best.