Long as I remember

Why does this month feel like a week?

Welcome back! Let’s wrap up the past month, shall we?

Lilly had a baby. Lillly came to our farm as a calf, her mama is Phlox, and now we welcome her baby, Orchid!

Every time I say this might be it for babies for now it is NOT it for babies for now. So I’ll just say stay tuned. Get it, Dabble.

That Girl’s Like Texas Rain
The other big story around the farm is the major (major) ongoing rain we’ve been having. Our ponds were low, y’all. We were worried like farmers in a country song. Earlier this month we had 3 or so days of good, steady rainfall that filled everything back up. And then JESUS BE THE FENCE all hell broke loose last Tuesday night where we had an actual tornado about 5 miles from us and we all ended up in the closet.

This was the extent of the rain Tuesday:

Anyways, it is still raining and I am ready to be done.

Questions from the fans
I love that y’all deliver every time we ask for questions.
An Internet Friend Asks: Do y’all do all the work yourselves or do you have farmhands?
We do 95% of the work ourselves. We use a processor for the actual beef making and last year our neighbors got their fences redone professionally and we helped pay for some of the shared fences (I could write a whole section about Fence Policy and Procedure). We’ve been fortunate to have Eric’s middle brother in our mini-mansion but now they have moved on to bigger and better things so we’ll see. EG is pretty handy and YouTube is an amazing resource.
A Family Member Asks: Are you involved in USDA Farm to Fork?
I had honestly never heard of this program before. It sounds interesting. We’re really small time (with no plans to be mayjah) so I doubt we’d do something like that. Our local food bank accepts raw meat as long as it’s labeled so we’d be more likely to do something like that.
An Internet Friend Asks: Tell us about stepping in poop.
It happens. If we’re walking fence line or making repairs we are able to keep an eye out fairly well but if we have to chase a cow back in the pasture or tag and tat a new calf where our attention is elsewhere at least one of us will step in cow poop. In the grand scheme of animal poop cow is better than chicken.
A Family Member Asks: Tell us about farm fresh eggs and the bloom.
We don’t have eggs right now. Our older hens are egg peckers and the new chicks aren’t old enough to start laying. So I have to secretly buy eggs at the HEB like a pleb. If you see me in the egg section remember it costs zero dollars to mind your own business. As far as the blooms, we have none. We didn’t spend time on landscaping because we wanted to get goats but we learned goats need good fences and we have okayest fences.

Hot Girl Summer Cocktail Hour
I was going to tell you how to make a lazy person’s Paloma. But EG was all, “I said this was my column” so we’re going to do a Mai Tai. Also good for outside, summery dranks.
3oz Rum
3oz Pineapple
2oz Orange Juice
3/4 oz Coco Lopez (or other creme de coco)
1/4 oz real grenadine

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, and the rest of the ingredients. Shake and serve over ice. Please enjoy responsibly. Amen.

Beauty Products of the month
So I was trying out 2 new mini eyeshadow palettes I got in a mystery box when I got a STYE and I haven’t been wearing eye makeup for almost 2 weeks. I promise this section will return next month!